Too many negotiations not going your way? Putting people off by by saying the wrong thing when they’re not quite ready, want a discount, or need some time to think it through? Join us for this free Webinar.

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Overcoming objections is as much a life skill and an approach to business and sales. If you’ve ever wondered why you end up arguing too much whilst trying to get agreement, or get responses to proposals and quotes like “Too expensive”, “Not at the moment”, “I need to look around, first”, “Let me think about it”, or plain old “No!” then come and see TOOL: The Overcoming Objection Lab webinar.

In less than an hour, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to face any objection with confidence.

The majority of so-called “objection handling techniques” fail in two main ways: (1) They ignore the fundamental psychology and linguistics of objections which make sales people sound too… well… salesy, and (2) They’ve been around for such a long time everyone’s already heard them countless times, which makes sales people sound old-fashioned and sly.

Overcoming objections is one of the most important skills for anyone involved in selling to businesses or consumers, managing staff, leadership, negotiating, dispute resolution. Becoming proficient in overcoming objections will stop you unnecessarily alienating the very people with whom you want close relationships.

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