D’you say “I can” when you know you need to integrate a piece of tech?


July 6, 2020
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Change creates tension. It’s biological. Once an organism optimises its survival characteristics for its regular environment, it’s done evolutionarily. But what if the environment changes? The choice is to either wait for evolution to occur for your descendants and risking losing to either the environment and emerging species, or to upgrade your tools.

I recently spent quality time with Jamie Easterman, my go to systems integrator and analyst.

Just look how he gets hooked in to a cool app – in this case, Hubspot CRM – to figure out how to fit it in to a sales process.

Jamie generally talks strategy with a pencil and paper to hand. Here you can see his initial diagram for a sales strategy, our realisation that he was surrounded by orange artefacts, and our further realisation that a key component aped the famous Hubspot icon.

Want to embrace the tension like Jame or with Jamie? DM if your systems, apps, security, tools, etc aren’t joined together.

PS: There’s a fighting chance that Brian Halligan, co-founder and CEO of Hubspot was listening to Green Day’s American Idiot whilst launching his company in 2004. Now that #inbound is established as part of the environment, I wonder if he considers it a feature of the species, now.


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